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TKSJC054-Eel skinCard Case

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  • South Korea South Korea
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TKSJC054-Eel skinCard Case


  • Uses premium Eel skin
  • A cute card holder necklace with a refreshing color scheme. Manufactured with a practical design structure not often seen in other brands.
  • Allows for separate storage of ID cards (company ID), credit cards (transit cards), business cards, and coins
  • Practical design with a transparent window for easy ID (company ID) verification
  • Can be used as a necklace or card wallet using an easily detachable string


  • Materials: Eel skin
  • Color : Navy / Azalia
  • Measurements: W11 X H8 X D1.7cm
  • weight : 50g


  • Maintain tension to be tenacious by 1.5 times compared with general leather,
  • Surprisingly light weight,
  • Fascinating touch,
  • Luxurious color coming from two-tone color,
  • Become softer and show more unique gloss, the more you use,
  • Leather surface shows natural pattern arrayed in a peculiar straight line of eel,
  • Express the natural beauty as it is by natural leather arising from unaffected scar and wrinkle
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TKSJC054_Eel skinCard Case

TKSJC054_Eel skinCard Case

TKSJC054_Eel skinCard Case